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Like I said, it's an approach shot. If I can force someone to throw up a lob on an approach shot I feel like I've succeeded. I'm going to win 8 of 10 points in that situation.

Thunnus, why is this a "junk ball"? To me it's a skilled shot hitting a heavily top spun ball deep to a specific corner. Not sure why you consider it "junk"?

Look, I like the aesthetics of tennis as much as anyone. But there is more to tennis than just nicely struck balls too. Donít tactics and thought count for anything in tennis? Itís not all strokes. If someone is eating my perfectly struck penetrating ground stokes for lunch, then Iím going to try doing something else or Iím an idiot.

And if I can gain an advantage by hitting big loopy shots to someoneís backhand, then Iíll do that all match long if itís successful. If itís not, then Iíll stop doing it and try something else.

Why is this a bad thing?
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