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Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
90-90 position at trophy is a good guide - upper arm at 90deg to the body line and forearm at 90deg to the upper arm - Murray is more or less in a 90-90.

And PP - I would always recommend focus on the loading position forward rather than focus on the starting position - so starting from 90-90 is a very good way to isolate the specifics of the approach and acceleration into contact. I have taught countless players to work forward from this position with no issues around stiffness or ruining a motion.
Thats cool. It just didn't work for me. It was easier to warm up with the start going to trophy/ toss.

Before I did that, I spent a lot of time developing my racquet drop though, so there is that.

I foundd that starting in the 90 degree position was not good for my serve at all. I was too focused on a trophy pose and it didn't compliment my natural loop.

Now if I stop during the trophy position, it is far better looking than before - ironically.
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