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Originally Posted by Ballinbob View Post
Also, good question OP. I have a high hitting elbow myself and I'm trying to fix it. However, I notice Janowicz and Wawrinka and other big servers also have a high elbow.

Interested to see what everyone says
Compare the hitting elbow movement of Janowicz and yours. Janowicz starts slightly high and then drops down to basically the shoulder line before his forward movement. You start lower and then shrug it up to high and then it is difficult to see if it drops back down by the time you move forward.

Another big server who has a slightly high elbow is Raonic. But again, it seems to drop down into the correct position before the forward movement of the elbow.

Seems that if you can make a small change you'd be in the correct range. The 90-90 rule does seem to be decent model to try. I'm more 90-80 when I hit.
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