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Default Which professional's serve should I copy?

My serves aren't too great, and even though I understand the basic principles like bending your knees and twisting your forearm for pronation, I want to have something to look at and copy. Which professional's serve should I analyze and get principles from to improve my serve? What should I look for similarities in? I'm about 5'9.5-10'' (I'm 14 and a male), so should I copy a serve from a pro who's about the same height as me (like Michael Chang)? Or does that not matter. I obviously don't need the best serve on the planet because my main focus right now is to make sure my serve is good enough to make my pretty good high school team. Which professionals' the easiest to copy and learn quickly? I'm looking at Djokovic because, in my opinion, his entire game is quite simple and fundamental and effective, whereas someone like Nadal is an oddball. Should I go with him? I know these are a lot of questions. Thanks and sorry for the trouble.
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