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I agree that many elements of the Sampras serve are worth studying but modifications are needed for most players trying "copy" his serve. His toss is a bit too high for many players. I prefer Federer's tossing height & style. Sampras' racket lags quite a bit behind the tossing arm. Because of of this he needs the higher toss to be able to synchronize the motions of his arms (wrt each other). When I "copied" his serve, I went with a lower toss and adjusted the synchronizations of the arms accordingly.

Take a look at the image of Pete below. The ball is already 2-3 feet out of his hand and his racket is still down -- it has a way to go to get to the trophy position. This is not the "down together, up together" motion that many coaches teach. Check out the Federer-Sampras video serve comparison. Look at the difference in their racket position at about the 0:24 mark. Roger's racket position is much to the trophy position than Pate's. Federer's arm sync/timing would be easier to copy that Sampras'.
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