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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
Couple things I removed from Sampras' motion were:...
I've seen your serve (in the infamous "arming the ball" thread )and it doesn't really resemble Sampras's at all. If I had to guess who inspired your serve I would never have guessed that - but there are plenty of tell-tale aspects take directly from Federer's whether intentional or not - the way your start on the front foot and hold/rock the racquet pre-serve, the way you bounce the ball on the edge of your racquet exactly like Federer does before almost every serve and the angle/pose you start with.

Also, you basically don't pronate on your serve which adds a significant biomechanical and swing path gap between motions like Sampras/Federer etc.

This doesn't at all mean you can't offer good advice to others - most coaches can't serve all that well themselves and some not at all - but self-awareness and the ability to see what is actually happening goes a long way in working out what to work on. That is one of the inherent difficulties of learning tennis - those that need to improve the most usually start with the lowest ability to self assess so take ages to make changes for the good.

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