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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
I've seen your serve and it doesn't resemble Sampras's. If I had to guess who inspired your serve I would never have guessed that - but there are plenty of telltale commonalities with Federer without any doubt - the way your start on the front foot and hold/rock the racquet pre-serve, the way you bounce the ball on the edge of your racquet exactly like Federer does before almost every serve and the angle/pose you start with.

Also, you basically don't pronate on your serve which adds a significant biomechanical and swing path gap between motions like Sampras/Federer etc.
I didn't know bouncing of the ball with the beam of my racquet is a Federer exclusive. Should I stop doing that too as I walk along the baseline to the next point? Hmm, I better think of new ways to get myself into rhythm...

The hold/rock is derived from my observation of Rafter (I had a phase where I tried to emulate Rafter's motion, but holy crap, it damn near destroyed my shoulder). I kept the concept, but just toned it down. Instead of holding it for a period of time like Rafter, I just let it drop and let it "rock" into my motion. It felt more simple to me. The "lock n' loaded", "cocking" (or whatever you want to call it) right before Sampras goes into his motion was just too much for me.

Next time I'll include the complete timeline for the progression of my serve.

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