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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
I didn't know bouncing of the ball with the beam of my racquet is a Federer exclusive. Should I stop doing that too as I walk along the baseline to the next point?
It's been his thing since over a decade and you do it on virtually every single serve in that video. It doesn't affect your serve so it's no biggie at all - I was just saying it immediately stuck out as Fed inspired. If you don't realise it then you're more impressionable than you might think you are and I have a business opportunity you should invest in.

There's no shame in being inspired by a player a lot - not sure why you seem to want to not give Federer credit. Hallmarks of him can be seen in how you prepare (not the hitting part) for your serve, hit both your forehand and backhands and even in how you dress (the white-under-black sock with the US Open V8s was clearly your thing)

Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
Next time I'll include the complete timeline for the progression of my serve.
Please post a newer video to go with your recent rallying ones. Your forehand doesn't seem to have changed much in the two years since those videos other than you seem to move a little better now (that could be simply down to the day though). You still put tons of stress on your shoulder by having such a small backswing and not engaging your core much at all - something I thought you were dead keen on doing given your history with shoulder injuries.

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