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Originally Posted by Sir Shankalot View Post
Yes, that's what I'm trying to do at the moment. I'm a lefty so having a solid and consistent BH is especially important to me.

I like the way you mix up slice and TS. This is one combo I am trying to work on at the moment: opponent hits righty FH CC to my deuce court-> I hit loopy lefty TS BH CC and deep -> opponent hits another FH CC -> I hit a deep low BH Slice CC -> opponent loses rhythm and gives me a midcourt ball -> I run around and hit an inside-in forehand to his BH.

Seems to work more often than not.
My slice is a work in progress. I get away with not having a good slice because I have a flexible wrist that lets me flick a lot of things back when I'm stretched out. But I'm getting burned when I'm in a corner because I put the ball back in play too quickly, and I'm still gathering myself in the corner, and my opponent just hits to the open court. So, I'm working to better my slices.
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