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On the subject though, I would say the top of my strike zone is chest height though I wouldn't say I could really rip the ball at that height. To really rip the ball I much prefer to be making contact between lower chest and knee height.

I'm not convinced by the suggestion that pros can really rip the ball with a single bh from eye level or above and I doubt many of them would want to. Most of them will be looking to hit between knee and lower chest height to get maximum court penetration. Once it gets to eye level, it's very difficult to rip the ball without resorting to jumping and even then it usually not quite as effective.

Case in point would be Federer. Federer has a fantastic OHBH but the reason it falls apart against Nadal as we all know is that because Nadal is constantly sending heavy topspin balls to that wing, meaning the ball is often bouncing above his prefered strike zone. As a result Federer often employs the slice or has to hit a slightly off balance jumping backhand which lacks the same penetration as his BH when he's planted on the floor striking it in his comfort zone. I would say you hardly ever see Federer truly rip the ball when it reaches head height or above.

The alternative is of course to take it early and stand your ground. Wawrinka is probably the best example of this (Federer does this to some extent as well) and you'll frequently see him taking the ball early to prevent his opponent from dictating on his BH side.
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