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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
Yeah I used to not have confidence in my backhand and I would run around a lot of them to hit a forehand. Problem is, when you run around a backhand, you better hit a damn good forehand, or do something meaningful with it. Otherwise if you just dink it back having ran around your backhand, you've opened up the entire deuce court. In this case, I've put MYSELF in the corner.

So I started to do drills, lots of practice, and will accept the fact that I'll have do defend and hold my ground with my backhand. If I'm going to run around and hit a forehand, it better be a winner or a shot that stuns the opponent. Otherwise, I'm in trouble because I just gave away the court.
Sounds like a very familiar story. I used to have either a tendency to almost exclusively slice the ball back on my BH side or run around on to my FH. In doing the latter I would end up giving away too much court position.

However, recent drills have helped with my confidence on the stroke and I'm much more happy to trade/attack on that side now. Stepping into the ball and taking it early has really helped me not get pushed back too far in the court, and adding more topspin where necessary to create a bigger marging of error has also been extremely useful in cutting down UE. I also play with a guy who uses a ton of high-kicking topspin which means I have had to force myself take the ball early on the BH side otherwise I end up on the defensive almost straightaway once he starts going to town on that wing.
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