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Originally Posted by Raul_SJ View Post
I will have to study these threads... but my first thoughts are

Did your friend (with serious arthritis and meniscus tear) have surgery to repair the meniscus? or for the articular cartilage damaged by arthritis? or both?

When the Doctor advised him that he would likely need surgery again in a few years, what specific surgery is he referring to? to repair the meniscus again?

How long had your friend with serious arthritis and meniscus tear wait before having the surgery? Is it possible that physical therapy would have resulted in the same outcome had he given it enough time?... That seems to be what these studies of meniscal tears and concomitant arthritis are suggesting?

Also note the quote from Ollinger in the other thread:

You may have seen in some newpapers or magazines reports of a pretty good study recently published on this topic. Conclusion was that if you have any evidence of arthritis in the knee, a meniscus procedure is worthless."

If the surgery enabled your friend to play tennis for additional time -- something that would've been impossible with non-surgical
treatment -- it sounds like the surgery was successful.

But the successful surgery would seem counter to what Ollinger is saying...
I have bad arthritis under the knee cap and femur. I had a torn meniscus while playing tennis and I had SX at the end of August because my knee was locked (left). Before the SX I was able to play tennis 2-3 times/week. Over 3 months after the SX and therapy my knee is not locked anymore but the pain and stiffness are still there and there is still fluid in my knee. It is very frustrating. When I ask my doctor/the only answer is because I have the bad arthritis. I am confused/the bad arthritis was there before the SX why it is getting worst after the SX. I am looking for options and second opinion in the coming weeks. Again, it is frustrating guys.
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