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Originally Posted by HodeClassicMP View Post
Just an update...

I believe I have been learning/hitting straight arm forhand for a year now, and it is a bumpy road, up and downs... But now I am pretty confident of my forhand, and it has become a huge weapon, I am happy.

1 question tho. I have noticed that both Nadal, Djokovic and many other double handed backhand players, their non-dominate hand always hold racket throat area when in ready position between each shot. Why they do that? I can understand single handed backhand doing it, but... My non-dominate hand always, always on racket handle and in backhand grip(i am somewhere between continental and eastern-forhand ). Is taht because making take-back as low as possible(to get below the ball)? Can somebody explain this? Thanks in advance!
looks good! only thing I see is, your forehands have a high trajectory off the stringbed. this tells me two things:
1. you might be hitting the ball too late, as in it's getting too close to your side at contact point. solution: time the shot so you contact the ball more out in front of you.

2. you aren't applying as much topspin as you should. in seeing your video, your racquet head speed as your frame approaches the ball is rather slow. i think you could probably swing a little bit faster.
Your follow through is great, so it seems like you have the potential to swing out more, but you're holding back right up to contact point and then cutting loose. it needs to be the opposite of that. you should really swing out prior to hitting the ball.

more topspin = a faster change in direction of the ball, and lower net clearance. this can produce a faster, heavier ball.

good luck!
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