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Originally Posted by TimeSpiral View Post
It's been my experience that opponents with a 1HBH almost universally slice the ball. I can't wait until I run into the guys that are more confident with the shot and hit the 1HBH with topspin!
True for me. I seldom play a high topspin or even a high flat-topspin backhand on anything that goes above my elbow level because I hate having to move back and give ground. I prefer to stand my ground and then play a rising ball (even a half-volley if it's a soft lob) with my flat-slice. When I can get there in time, the forward and down swing allows me to club the ball (like a karate chop).

I actually got the idea from watching Clijsters and Sharapova hitting high forehands. Unfortunately, I have much less success with the same thing on my right for some odd reason, so I usually just play a sort of controlled volley stroke deep crosscourt or down the line on my forehand side to get the ball back in play with what seems to be a dipping trajectory.

On my backhand side, I actually have much more control and pace because I can use the same 'club the ball' swing to hit dropshots or short crosscourt angles with the same swing. I don't know why.
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