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Originally Posted by TimeSpiral View Post
If I hit my 2HFH to my opponents 1HBH, I almost never get a topspin reply, however; I've faced multiple guys with a 2HBH who will reply with topspin. Even when I hit the 2HBH CC to the 1HBH, I almost always get a slice back. It just seems to me, at my level--in my area--that the 1HBH is all slice versus me.

I had to work super hard to develop a reliable 2HBH with topspin, and lost tons of matches while doing it, but now that I have it, it is such a huge advantage in a rally. The difference in pace between the BH TS and the BH Slice cannot be overstated.
On the contrary I love it when the pace of my 1HBH TS is higher then my opponents 2HBH TS (sometimes even then their FH).
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