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Originally Posted by movdqa View Post
> If I hit my 2HFH to my opponents 1HBH, I almost
> never get a topspin reply, however; I've faced multiple
> guys with a 2HBH who will reply with topspin. Even when
> I hit the 2HBH CC to the 1HBH, I almost always get a
> slice back. It just seems to me, at my level--in my
> area--that the 1HBH is all slice versus me.

If I hit consistently hit OHBH slice shots, people will just come to the net on me. They will pound the backhand, preferably with their forehand until they get a short ball which will give me little time to respond, likely with a weak sitter, and then put away the volley.

If you have people that always slice their backhands, I recommend working on your volley and approach shot.
How come you don't use the forum's quote function? So much easier, imho. Just a thought.

Anyway, on to your response. I think you misunderstood me. Guys with 1HBH almost never bother me in match play, specifically because the IO FH just crumbles the 1HBH down into a super predictable central or CC slice. I usually don't even bother coming in. Once you get that inside position in the BH corner, as long as you can find the FH, it's been my experience that you should not lose the point. You will eventually get that central ball, rip it CC, and now they have to hit a FH OTR.

*shrugs* I'm looking forward to playing the guys that are able to hit the 1HBH with topspin and are confident enough to change direction. That will really spice things up! The two-handers at my level already do this, but still rarely change direction on the BH side.
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