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Originally Posted by Raul_SJ View Post
Do any pros use the "down together up together" motion?

Could one advantage of the "down together up together" motion be is that it gives you an easier feel for where the racquet arm should be when the ball is released from the tossing arm?

Whereas, with the "lagging racquet arm" motion (which I am practicing) I don't think my lagging racquet arm is in exactly the same position every time when the toss is released.

Is that a significant issue in developing a consistent serve? Or is it okay to have variation in the position of the lagging racquet arm?

I am assuming that Federer's lagging arm is in the same position every time when the toss is released?
Murray's serve is close to "down together, up together". He also uses a J-toss which seems to help his coiling action. The J-toss serve is something of a throw-back to the 70s/80s. It was popularized by Vic Braden among others. Federer's serve is not quite "down together, up together" but it is closer to it than Sampras' serve.

Down together, up together might be simpler for many amateurs. Many find it difficult to sync the arms with a racket lag. Some even have problems with synchronization with down together, up together.

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