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Originally Posted by movdqa View Post
> I remember those days. Get with the times, brother.
> You're obsessed with some clown from the sixties!
> (kidding, kidding, and hopefully someone gets the
> reference.)

It's simply the lowest common denominator to use as I respond to a variety of forum types. And it makes it easier for Lynx users. I still use vi from time to time as well.

> Because I self-rated at 4.0 when I joined and win
> 60-ish% of my matches. I suppose maybe I'll get
> bumped eventually if my rating gets high enough.
> I've played with a couple higher level guys who
> suspected that I could play at 4.5, but I brushed them
> off as being overly generous.

Playing better players is generally how you get better.
I'm just curious now. Are you copy, pasting, inserting >'s and line breaks?
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