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> There are many places where there are no leagues
> above the 4.5 level because there are not enough
> advanced players. In truth a lot of the 4.5 players
> around here were ranked 5.0 and 5.5. They are former
> D1 players who are now teaching pros who have no
> where to play except the 4.5 leagues.

That may be the case with him. There are more players in the Boston area but that's a bit over an hour away. This guy has done some teaching but he spends most of his time doing CS work (which is what you'd expect from a guy that went to CMU).

> I know there are a few people who get insulted when
> they are told that they do not play as well as they think
> but that's no reason for honest people to mislead them.

These may be younger players. At my age, you realized your limitations long ago.

> What's so bad about being an intermediate recreational
> player? That's what these guys are. They are clearly not
> advanced in any areas

I think that younger players do have a lot of potential to improve and like a lot of positive and some negative feedback. But in any domain, there are levels of the game that you don't understand or comprehend until you've been doing it for a while and you have a hunger to learn more or get better.
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