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Default crosses... 2 clamps or 1

This is a total newbie question even though I've strung hundreds of rackets. Ok, so I've had an old Klippermate forever and that's what I learned to string on. I always strung the crosses with one clamp (tension string, release clamp while tensioned, and move clamp to current string).

My Klippermate from 1992 (yeah seriously) finally gave up, so I just recently bought a Gamma Progression II 602 FC. I don't know why I waited so long to upgrade, but that's beside the point. Even with the fixed clamps, I still kept using my one clamp on the crosses method... and it seems to work just fine.

Then one day I'm watching stringing videos on youtube, and I see somebody stringing crosses with two clamps (one clamp on at all times, and alternating moving clamps as you tension the cross strings).

So now I'm wondering what pros and cons are of each method. I can see how somebody might say that you could lose tension using the 1-clamp method. But on the flip side, it seems to me the 1-clamp method would give you a more evenly-tensioned stringbed since the tension in crosses gets evened out each time you pull a cross.

Using the 1-clamp method, I like to straighten the last few crosses each time while the string is under tension (after releasing the clamp). I strung up a racket last night using the 2-clamp method, and I noticed that I couldn't do this anymore and I had to wait until I was done before straightening out the crosses.

So what say you stringing experts?
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