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^ Have got to agree with this assessment. The idea of an abbreviated takeback is a good one for juniors but there are other aspects of Roddick's serve that are probably not suited to most players. Note: Roddick's implementation of the abbreviated takeback is a bit quirky/stylistic -- perhaps for good reasons. However, I would suggest an even simpler version of the abbreviated takeback than Andy uses.

Like many coaches, I am not too fond of the high left hand starting position for Andy's toss. Monifls has a very Roddick-esque serve but employs a fuller tossing action than Andy. With Andy's short toss motion, players trying to copy him might be tempted to flip the wrist or bend the elbow. Another apsect this is difficult for many players to copy successfully is the early pull-down of the eyes/head seen with both Andy and Gael. Their head/eyes are up at the big L (where the racket arm is extended but the racket head is more-or-less parallel to the ground). However as the racket head moves upward from this point, they quickly pull down the head and the eyes no longer looking at the toss prior to contact. Compare this to Federer, who appears to keep his head up and eyes on the ball/contact point longer.
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