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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
Think about that for just a minute. When using two clamps you pull tension and move the farthest clamp and the arm does fall. The section in the turn is still there why doesn't it fall?

On the other hand string starts losing tension as soon as you remove the tensioner. So you pull tension on cross string one and clamp it. Tension starts dropping. You pull tension on cross string two and clamp it while there has been a bigger drop in cross string one because the tensioner was removed for a longer time. You pull tension on cross string three and let's say you just move the clamp on cross string one to cross string three. The arm does not fall because the clamp on cross string two isolates the tension loss in the other strings.

Now let's assume you tension cross string four and release both clamps - down the arm goes because there is no isolation clamp and the tension drop in previous strings is compensated for.

Using two clamps at all times allows for a more uniform tension especially if you ever get interrupted in your process.
Ok, you convinced me.
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