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Originally Posted by DustinW View Post
Right, but I assume what causes that arm drop is the string not getting fully tensioned in the turn. If you use the 2-clamp method, that tension loss stays in there and multiplies as you go. If I use the 1-clamp method, I can readjust the arm after it drops a bit... which makes me feel like I'm making up for that bit of tension loss.

Either way, I can't imagine there is a significant difference. Thanks for the reply.
I was using a LaserFibre drop weight machine with floating clamps - this is essentially a table-top Stringway constant pull. Although it's called a 4-point mounting system, it really only grabs the hoop at noon and 6 o'clock. It worked fine for me for several years producing a consistent string job, but a plastic piece in the mounting system broke (UGHHHH!!!) and I decided to upgrade.

I took the plunge and got a Gamma Progression II Els, which also has fixed clamps, and I've gotten used to using both clamps for holding the crosses on this machine. I only used one floating clamp at a time when I'd do the crosses on my drop weight rig and the difference I've found with the two-clamp method has been substantial.

Aside from the strong 'n sturdy mounting system in the new Gamma, this method with the fixed clamps is probably producing a string bed that's the equivalent of stringing at around 4-5 lbs. tighter with the old drop weight. I'm getting the firmness in my own strings that I like when I string them at 58 lbs. now, but my old machine produced that same firmness when I'd string with it set at approximately 62 or 63 lbs.

I've kept a record of all the stringing I've done for friends, students, etc. over the years, but that was with my old machine. Now that I've got this new setup and clamping method, I'm starting an entirely new set of records. I realized that I had to do this when I did a poly hybrid for a college slugger I've coached. I used the new machine, but tensioned the strings with my old numbers. It pretty much produced a rock hard plank for her that was cleverly disguised as a tennis racquet. Lesson learned... BIG difference.
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