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Originally Posted by thegreatgiroux View Post
I'd pretty much agree with that...
The guy in the blue would honestly be a really good 3.5 or a really weak 4.0.
The guy in the Red seems solidly a 4.0.
+1 I just watched the second video, but guy in red has a lot of shots and reminds me of one of our club's better 4.0 players but he makes quite a bit of UEs so hard to rate. Blue guy would be pushing it to play 4.0 but would likely be a solid winning 3.5 player. That looping forehand is surely consistently and I don't want to use the P-word, but there are a lot of 4.0s I know here who I believe would exploit the heck out of it. I also didn't see anybody hit an overhead put away or make much of an attempt to approach the net unless they had to so.
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