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Originally Posted by thegreatgiroux View Post
I'd pretty much agree with that...
The guy in the blue would honestly be a really good 3.5 or a really weak 4.0.
The guy in the Red seems solidly a 4.0.
+1 I just watched the second video, but guy in red has a lot of shots and reminds me of one of our club's better 4.0 players but he makes quite a bit of UEs so hard to rate. Blue guy would be pushing it to play 4.0 but would likely be a solid winning 3.5 player. That looping forehand is surely consistently and I don't want to use the P-word, but there are a lot of 4.0s I know here who I believe would exploit the heck out of it. I also didn't see anybody hit an overhead put away or make much of an attempt to approach the net unless they had to so.
When should you serve and volley in doubles? Only when you want to win.

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