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^ really the only way to avoid getting dq'd, if self rested, esp. once you reach a district or certainly section level event and "kick ***", is to have manipulated your dynamic rating such that out of level results don't result in three strikes. Anyone willing to go to such lengths will likely get a way with it unless an administrator is willing to step in and evaluate the situation for the benefit of the recreational game. The problem, in my opinion as a Captain of competitive teams that play straight up (including winning district at mixed this past year), is that these teams that may be cheating also lose at sectionals.
The idea of the USTA evaluating results that may involve tanking is too subjective. Respectfully it's polyanic to think the USTA will ever DQ someone for tanking matches. If they have I'd like to hear about it. The USTA is very private about what information they will release regarding appeals, before, during and after the appeal process. NTRP is self-policed by the participants. They make the accuser prove the player in question is out of level. The USTA will not tell or show you what was submitted on the self-rate questionnaire. They don't want stories out there about holes in the NTRP system. For those willing to protest, you will be made to be the bad guy by the person and team you are protesting against and the USTA will hope the matter goes away unless you persist. Brace for it. After having appealed an won 3 different appeals years ago I've come to the conclusion it is not worth it, just play and let the results work themselves out. Enjoy the game and if you get match against a ringer, enjoy the beating and embrace the matchplay tennis lesson.
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