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Originally Posted by HughJars View Post
I dont get why grass courts are never installed with lights...
I got to grow up playing on grass courts and I've been retooling my ground strokes ever since! My game has evolved from S&V to all-court now, but the continental grip and volleys remain my close personal friends. I had no idea how much I adored that surface until I started playing on other stuff.

The courts I played on were (actually still are) in the northeastern U.S., not so far from Newport, RI. The grass courts at the Hall of Fame in Newport are actually used to host a small ATP tourney after Wimbledon in our summers. My suspicion concerning the lack of lights for most grass courts is that they tend to get damp and slick as the sun goes down. It may stay more dry until later in the evening for you Hugh, but I know that lights on the grass courts here would be useless.

The courts I learned on while growing up were at a country club where the grounds crew spent most of their time maintaining an 18 hole golf course. In those days the grass courts were treated much like golf greens and the heavy riding mowers were thought of as providing enough "rolling" back then to give the courts proper firmness. Knee-high bounces were about the most we had to work with in those days.

Some years ago when those folks got a bit of a clue, they reconstructed those club courts to get toward more of the firmness that they had in Newport. These courts had built up "thatch", which made them super-soft. Rolling them couldn't fix that. They became much more lively after that reconstruction, but they're still grass. Green, alive, unique, and oh-so-soft on the legs... as long as we keep the direction changes less than "heroic".
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