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Originally Posted by atatu View Post
So you disagree with my point that a player who "plays around" and almost loses is being unprofessional and likely won't be too successful on the tour ? You're ok with Jenkins taking that approach ? Just want to clarify that, sorry for my "stupid posting" Clark, really.
I have seen top 10, even top 5 ATP players get tired because of their tournament schedule and look disinterested, lose a match, and they look like they are glad to have the rest of the week off. The announcers just comment that the upcoming grand slam event is more important. It does not seem to knock them out of the top 10. It is a tiring sport. If you think every top pro gives 100% in every match, including every event that they consider a warm-up event for a bigger event, then you have not paid close attention to tennis for the last few decades, as many of us have.

In this case, Jenkins won the match regardless of fatigue. It was a non-rated men's open. The only question is whether a player wants another round's worth of prize money in an event like this. I guess he wanted it just barely enough to win it, but a men's open means nothing to his ATP career in the long run. If you seen him not trying hard when valuable ATP points are on the line, please tell us about it.
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