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Originally Posted by atatu View Post
I guess I see this as something different than playing around and not trying, which is what was suggested. Obviously every pro gets tired and loses to opponents he shouldn't lose to or they almost lose to someone who they shouldn't lose to. I read the post in question to suggest that JJ was just fooling around and not really trying, knowing he could win in the end. I have no idea if that is true or not, but if it's true I don't think that's very professional. That's just my opinion, and you can disagree without attacking me as being "stupid."
Yes, it was actually the original suggestion by another poster that JJ was "fooling around" that was stupid. Of course, I would also caution against believing such a statement in the first place, especially in the absence of any claims that the poster witnessed the match, talked to Jenkins afterwards or before the match, etc. Perhaps some people are willing to believe anything negative they hear about players from certain schools. Would you immediately believe such hearsay about a Texas player?
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