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One thing that I am realizing is that too much activity in the lower body area can ruin the motion of the upper body, which as you guys agree, is the major contributor.

I am finding that a huge leg bend, or a huge hip stretch is not that important, and can easily disrupt balance leading to poor results.

Bill, your advice to not over analyze helped me. While practicing my serve yesterday, I mostly focused on leaving my shoulders open for longer so my that they would have the chance to transfer their momentum to my arm. I was able to do this by slowing down the motion to insure smoothnes, and when I did it, everything felt right and I hit some impressive serves. All your recent talk of open shoulders has made realize that I was incorporating my arm into the swing too early. I bet that's a classic symptom of worrying too much about hitting hard.

One more question I have is about the non dominant arm. I'll make a separate post for it.
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