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Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
The forehand looks different, though he hardly hits any in the new video. He definitely has more of a unit turn and more of a PTD in the new video.

Also, I don't think much of his serve in this video, but obviously he can play.
Yes, in the first one it was just a one hand, straight tk back and later it shows a little loop. Main advantage to the stalking 2hand tk back imo are the aid in supporting shoulder turn and the tactile feedback for the racket face. He uses the left arm well after the tk back and hits so often that he may not need the tactile feedback...only downside is imo the 1hand tkback is slower, especially if he gets more loop into it with time.

As to his earlier straight tk back... that is even good for 1st serve rtns and doubles, so not only should it be fine for groundstrokes...but he likely is excellent at serve rtns and dubs, with little or no downside for rally shots. The loop is mainly for timing and getting in the slot...both of which he is fine with. My concern is that as he loop likely will grow some, then his 1 hand tkback could be more of an issue...there is interplay on these issues imo. I also think bigger servers will challenge his 1 hand tkback.

In summary, I don't care for the 1 hand tkback, but don't mind the straight tkback really, even though that is what he seems to be changing. Imo he should focus on going to the 2 hand tkback.
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