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As to his earlier straight tk back... that is even good for 1st serve rtns and doubles, so not only should it be fine for groundstrokes...but he likely is excellent at serve rtns and dubs, with little or no downside for rally shots. The loop is mainly for timing and getting in the slot...both of which he is fine with. My concern is that as he loop likely will grow some, then his 1 hand takeback could be more of an issue...there is interplay on these issues imo. I also think bigger servers will challenge his 1 hand tkback.

In summary, I don't care for the 1 hand tkback, but don't mind the straight tkback really, even though that is what he seems to be changing. Imo he should focus on going to the 2 hand tkback.
I was going to say that his fh in the first video looks sort of like a serve return. His original forehand also reminded me of Stepanek's fh, but I'm fairly certain that Stepanek has a loop of some sort.

Interesting to hear your take on it. Obviously he's playing excellently at the moment. He's still too young to know if he'll have a future on tour, but having excellent movement counts for a lot.
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