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Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
I was going to say that his fh in the first video looks sort of like a serve return. His original forehand also reminded me of Stepanek's fh, but I'm fairly certain that Stepanek has a loop of some sort.

Interesting to hear your take on it. Obviously he's playing excellently at the moment. He's still too young to know if he'll have a future on tour, but having excellent movement counts for a lot.
This kid is special to be sure, but as you say, time will tell how special. Back when my 1st son was playing with his big serve, he would always target any onehander Bh or one hand Fh tkback. Didn't have to go for corners on these guys, as he could just serve thru it. There were Bh 2handers that forced him wider and/or to go at the Fh. He could even serve thru many Fhs with a 2 handed tk back, but that was tougher.
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