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That's a solid serve, very consistent as seen from match play! Looks like the changes you need to make are very slight...

For more pace you can try pointing your left foot slightly more into the court along with moving the toss several inches over to the left, and more in front.

What stands out most to me is upper body. You switched from a semi-pinpoint/spring loaded type of serve to platform, which effectively moves your center of balance back and to the left a bit. Your upper body still wants to go forward and to the right more with the toss and swing that you had before, but when you change stance, the other two have to adjust a bit as well...this may also be why your racket drop is more to the left, since you're trying to reach out to that hitting location. Looks very Djokovic-like, but he's so flexible he can get away with a "sideways" archer's bow...most of us can't.

Side question: how does the amplifeel 95 hit?
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