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^ Can't see how ppl would confuse the semi-open with a closed stance. OTOH, many ppl lump semi-open and fully open together and do not make a distinction between neutral and substantially closed. For the latter, the hips are not free to turn as with a more neutral stance or the open stances.

Originally Posted by TennisCJC View Post
I am not aware of any hip issues for Ferrer. I don't think he has any major health issues as he is around 30 yo give or take a year and has never missed much time due to injury.

How does open stance stress hips? Is it from the extra coiling of the core that is needed to get the shoulders and hips sideways while the feet remain open?
Doesn't Ferrer also hit semi-open?

The extra coiling/uncoiling could be a significant factor. Also substantial loading is done on the back leg and remains loaded, more of less, for the entirety of the stroke. Weight is not transferred to the other hip/leg until after the stroke is completed. With a neutral stance there is an obvious weight shift/transfer. With a semi-open, sometimes there is a weigh shift/transfer, sometimes it is delayed like a fully open stance.
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