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Originally Posted by andfor View Post
Not reading the rule or failure to comprehend it does not make your position a correct one. DI tennis you are wrong. He may be able to play JUCO, NAIA, NCAA D2 or D3. Unlike you, since I am unsure of the actual initial eligibility rules for those divisions, I'll defer to someone who can show me, like I did you, or refer him to a college athletic dept. or the athletic governing body for accuracy.
An easy translation of the NCAA delayed enrollment rule:

" Tennis. In tennis, a student-athlete who does not enroll in a college institution as a fulltime student after his high school graduation shall be subject to the following:

(a) The student-athlete shall be charged with a season of intercollegiate eligibility for each calendar year during which the student-athlete has participated in organized competition per Bylaw 14.02.11."

If appears if one does not participate in tennis competition after they graduate HS they do not lose eligibility. Nothing "special" involved. You see it in football simply because of the difficulty in competing in football after HS; it's too easy to compete in hockey, tennis, baseball, etc and players regularly lose eligibility years.

If you wish to crush the OP's dream, inform him his problem will be due to the fact that he didn't delay enrollment in college; not due to some magical age.
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