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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
That is exactly my problem. I always had that problem to some extent, but when I was teaching a lot of drill classes, it just absolutely ruined me because I was looking up and watching what the students were doing during each feed and got the looking up before the shot grooved. I've been trying to fix the problem for years but a habit that ingrained is hard to break...
I can relate. Teaching tennis has undermined my own "Quiet Eye" habit. I have to continually reinforce the habit of keeping the head still, eyes on the contact point during my forward swing. I'll usually make a point of practicing it during mini-tennis or warmup.

I will continue to do more reinforcement with some shadow swings while waiting for the next point to start. I'm usually good for most of 2 sets. Usually toward the end of the 2nd set or the beginning of the 3rd, as I start to fatigue mentally, the old teaching habit creeps into play and I am looking up too early again. It takes me a while to realize what is happening -- but I get the ship to right itself within the next half set.
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