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Default Performance requirements

Originally Posted by Topspin Shot View Post
What about post #33?
The up part of the forward swing for A DOUBLE HANDED BACKHAND can be constrained by two factors:

1.capability to obtain two SSC's:
FIRST at a lowest point of a swing,the second one at a contact

2.capability to achieve a PRESCRIBED lowest point plus a required slope

Please see AGAIN
The LOWEST POINT was SOMEWHERE above the level of knees.
The angle of the slope looks like around 45 degrees.

Now we have multiple questions of a day:
how do we produce a motion of an arm to achieve #1 and/or #2 above ?

Are we constrained by enviroroment/bounce/etc?

What are OBSERVABLE to see whether SSC was achieved?

How #2 influences # of shanks?

Julian W.Mielniczuk

I understand that the "FLIP" in THIS THREAD is equivalent of what I call the "UP pART of the forward swing"

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