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Default Arms STRAIGHT at the LOWEST POINT?

Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
I understand that it looks like there is a loading phase occurring at the lowest point as the racket dips down and lags, but I don't see a SSC at contact. Could you explain what you mean by that.

I think the downward dipping of the racket head (is this what Macci means by flip?) is muscular because by intuition it appears to be happening too quickly to be simply due to gravity.
I think it is a teachable motion that we should look for in our students, especially if they have a mostly across motion which drives the ball very flat (more like an old-school Connor's 2hbh). I haven't developed any drills, but if it is a muscular motion we should develop step-by-step drills to make the students feel the dip.

I don't know enough which muscles are being loaded by the dipping motion, but it definitely creates a need to raise the head at contact which provides heavier topspin.
I teach "the dip".

Switching gears to some observations/some videos
Arms are observed to be straight AT THE LOWEST POINT at some NADAL's backhand return of serve.
It maybe (note maybe) an indicator of an SSC here.
The PAID Web site has a video of Nadal hitting a backhand return of serve.
A "video" consists of 15 or more still photos.
The photo closest to the LOWEST point shows straight arms-it is just an observation.
So the sequence is
bent (before the LOWEST point)
STRAIGHT at the LOWEST point
bent again on a way up
STRAIGHT close to the contact point (with a ball)
I do NOT know whether it can be taught or NOT.
please see post #28
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