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Originally Posted by HughJars View Post
Im with you. I reckon I rate 0.5 higher on grass than on hard courts. Dont know about clay, cos theres not much here.

I think its much easier to pick up the game on grass. The whole game just feels easier. Just my opinion. Ive been playing for a year and things just seem to be more natural on grass.

Im in Perth, Western Australia.

An average club will normally have a ratio of about 3 grass courts to every 2 hard/artificial Id say. Might be more 50:50 these days actually. My own club for example had 18 grass courts and took out 6 and replaced them with hardcourts and lights.

I dont get why grass courts are never installed with lights...
HJ -they WERE! Somebody may have some photos but lots of older clubs in Perth.

...before my time and yours obviously.

I heard that older clubs, Higgins , Midland, Alexander Park

I only mentioned Alexander Park because they are some of the finest in WA.

ps looking forward to the video!

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