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After a lot of frustration over an old ankle injury that doesn't seem to heal completely, I decided to do PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy, and wanted to see what everyone else's experiences have been - whether good or bad or neutral. So if you've done PRP, Stem cell, or Prolotherapy, please report on what it was for and what your experiences were.

I was very skeptical, but was desperate and after a lot of research and consultations at 2 different clinics, I decided to give it a try. I thought, even if it doesn't work, it doesn't seem like there's any bad side-effects with these therapies (except wasting a lot of money for nothing if it doesn't work).

It's been 36 hours since I got my injection and the pain was a lot more than I expected the first 24 hours. I could hardly even walk on it. Now it's about 50% better. I was told that this was normal for the first few days. I will report again in about a week.

What's everyone else's experiences been?
there are some threads here with some info, just use the search function with my name "Drak" and you can find my experiences.
I don't know if your doc's suggested it but I would suggest a second PRP shot in another 3-5 weeks. I had both Achilles done and the one I had two shots on has done way better than the one with one.

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