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Yes, I did read some of your posts in other threads. Seems like the most common threads for PRP are about tennis elbow.

I just thought it might be useful to have a "survey" type of thread where people can see other's results with PRP for different conditions.

PRP certainly is not a cure-all for every type of pain/ injury, so I thought it would be helpful for those who are thinking about it to see what others with their conditions have experienced with it.

For me, it was one bad sprain 6 months ago that never quite healed completely. My ankle since then just felt very vulnerable and even with physical therapy, never felt 100% and I've re-sprained a couple of times. This last time felt really bad and even after 4 weeks off of it, it didn't feel like it was getting better.

Waking up today, my pain is 95% gone! I'm so glad b/c for the past 2 days, I almost couldn't even walk. This of course doesn't mean that PRP has "worked". I still need to wait and have it strong enough to play without pain - which is the goal of me doing this in the first place.
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