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Originally Posted by KITESURF23 View Post
my racquet head size is 95 and my present model is Wilson blx.

I don't know what seems to you weird to my question.

Me I just want to know if a new Wilson raquet will appear at Australian open!

That was the title of my thread
Well actually you asked "which racquet will play federer" and in that case I was dying to find out how a racquet "plays" Roger Federer?

Anyways...Don't think at this point in his career Rog will try anything different at a slam, maybe he'll experiment at a minor tourney, but slams represent precious few remaining op's and I think that is too much pressure to mentally accept a drastic gear matter what the "Paintjob" implies....fact is as long as Rog is around I think the Pro Staff 90 will be...after him it's least until they cash in on the predictable"limited addition re-issue".
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