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I had PRP with stem cells injected into my right knee about 5 weeks ago. Took it VERY easy for a week, nothing but normal activity and some gentle time on a recumbent stationery bike.

After a week, started doing some light strength work, like some kettlebell swings, leg presses, etc..., not pushing too hard. During that time started back on the tennis court just hitting with my ball machine, no running around, just very light hitting to keep my strokes grooved.

After 3 weeks I started playing again (which was fine with my doc). The knee feels pretty good, and supposedly I'm on the front end of the healing progression, that it's only now that the stem cells are really starting to do their thing. We're looking at getting another injection done sometime in the next month, not sure if it would include stem cells also or just be PRP.

Good luck, hope you find it of help!

One suggestion: get the book Pain Free by Pete Egoscue and do the exercises for foot and ankle pain. One of the biggest things we see limit the results people get with these kinds of procedures is the injected body part is fundamentally out of position and is getting beat up under load. Kind of like your car is out of alignment and you chew up the tires, so you buy new tires without fixing the alignment.

In fact, a company called Regenexx has found that their patient outcomes are SO markedly improved if they do Egoscue along with their injections that they've just named us an officially recommended provider for their patients and strongly recommend to each of them to start Egoscue prior to their first injection.

If I were someone looking at this kind of therapy to regenerate a damaged joint, before plunking down the money for the injection I would ensure the joint was in a reasonably sound position and functioning properly. You don't want compromised position and function to immediately work against the expensive stuff you just put into the joint.
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