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Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
Been giving the arm a rest after PRP treatment (screwed up after a tournament), but it seems to be much better now. Taking it out for a spin, pardon the rust. Gotta burn the holiday pounds

I'm in the white shirt.


Doubles play:
Is it legal to stand outside the singles line on serve in doubles?

regarding the shoulder turn: a tip that helped me was to turn the hips too. I have an extreme open stance too and tended to only turn my shoulders. the pelvis should be turned to the side fence too and the shoulders a little more.

see the almighty novak. his pelvis is not completely turned to the side fence but like almost while your pelvis often stays completely open and you only turn the shoulders. more pelvis coil can help.

you have great hands BTW almost no missed volley or even half volleys.

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