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Had a PRP for GE about 3 years ago and it worked after all other therapies did not. 95% of the time i can get rid of TE or GE with traditional therapies, but that one did not respond for several months, PRP worked. I've done a lot of reading on it, i believe in the science, it seems best for micro-tear injuries where blood flow is not ideal. Also if you're getting past 40, micro-tear injuries don't seem to heal as fast.

I have an appointment Monday at Andrews Institute for a torn plantar fascia, going to consider PRP for that. I read PRP was part of Pau Gasol's therapy for his torn PF, he got back on the court in 6 weeks. I'll settle for 12 weeks. Tiger had one on his knee a few years back. They are very prevalent with pro athletes because the non-insurance coverage/out of pocket cost is no factor to them.
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