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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. I've been so busy haven't had much time to post. Been playing quite a bit with the blade 98s. Really enjoy the control and feel, but miss the extra power and spin offered by the steam 99s.

anyone else have comparisons between the two?
I have the Blade 98 S but prefer the Steam for the power & insane spin. The Blade does have a bit more control and feels a bit more arm friendly. I added lead to the Blade to help me with power. Volleying is easier w/98S. I felt my backhand slice was easier to command with the Blade as well. The Steam wins the other categories. Serves, power from the baseline, defense & spin. I've been unable to sell my 98 S so I'll continue to mess around with setups when the opportunity arises.
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