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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
I have my sets of Ripspin cut out. It seems like a 2nd generation poly to me. My bet is you'll like the Prince better.
So you already tried it and hated it that much, or you mean you cut them for stringing?

I definitely am not a huge fan of the price. It should be a $7 string really, like a $90 reel.

Pretty confident the Prince will be better since the Steam can get away with a little more soft of a poly than the Pumpkin most likely.

The cyberflash definitely will be ordered by me to compare. That is a heck of a string in the right racquet, but it has also played too stiff in others. Definitely worth a try though.

I love stringing this racquet. It takes like 30 minutes. Really fast and easy, so that is a nice bonus.
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