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-I never said it was a bad thing.

-To me, hitting moonball is junk balling

-Hitting this type of shot on a regular basis won't get you far, unless you want to be the king of 3.0/3.5 tennis. Just try this against a good player more than a couple of times, you will find out why this shot is not something you see often at high level tennis.

-The only guys that I know play this shot are pushers or junk-ballers. It is not fun to play against them, even though I can handle them easily.

-If you have other good strokes, why would you resort to something like this at first place, except to surprize your opponent? If you are truly good at topspin drives, just hit corners and make your opponent run, then you will probably get a short ball eventually.

-I agree winning is a lot more fun than losing pretty. I don't play particularly pretty game, but I have played enough tennis to understand why pushers/junk ballers/lobbers/moonballers or whoever rely on disrupting the other players' rhythm as a main weapon are not respected, even though they may have good result especially at lower level. Personally, I would rather stop playing the game if I have to resort to something like that on a regular basis to win.
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