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Lendl also did not find a solution to Leconteīs all round play in the 1985 4 th round.IMO, this was his last real bad match at Wimbledon since, from 1986 on, he did his best and accomplished more than he possibly expected.

He couldnīt get by the extremely consistent S&V game of Mc Enroe,Becker or Cash.But he could get stuck until the end of the match in 1984 against old Dick Stockton and in 1986 against the boomer from Yugoslavia,Slobo Zivojinovic.He also beat usually a good S&V such as Tim Mayotte.

I donīt think he could have got through Stich,Edberg or Sampras in case he had played them in 1991,1992 or 1993.
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