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Default Volleying - are you meant to be still?

I volley quite well in doubles when Im stationary at the net. And likewise in stationary drills. I love coming into the net on the approach in singles, and would love to develop an effective S&V game, however I often have the problem of feeling like Im being rushed, and miss a lot of easy volleys from what I think is either not having my head still, not watching the ball closely enough and playing the ball way too far behind me. Im pretty certain its because I rush in way to quickly to the net and play the ball on the move.

Tend to find I get passed quite a lot too. I know the lack of effectiveness on some of my approach shots is to blame in a lot of cases, but not I get passed even on well placed approaches sometimes.

What is the general concensus on playing volleys on the approach and on the serve? Are you meant to split step and go completely still with racket out in front at the moment the return shot is about to be played by your opponent, regardless of your own positioning in the court (i.e you might still be at the service line)


are you, as I think Ive been doing, meant to be coming in quickly to close down all most likely angles, and play the volley whilst on the move?
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